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Business areas

We spend time and funds on projects that differentiate us from the mass, good people and ideas within the Power and Energy Sector.

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We fight to keep you cool. That's cool.

The effect of the global climate change doesn't stop at borders. It doesn't care about boundaries. Carbon emissions have no limits. We are the same. We do not stop at borders, we move boundaries and we push limits 24 hours of the day 7 days a week in our effort to support the humanity in our fight against global warming and CO2 emissions.

Cool people by the beach that are being kept cool by IOWN

We invest in projects, people and ideas within the Power and Energy Sector.

Our team regularily evaluates opportunities and we invest time and funds into projects, ideas and people were we believe there is a mutual benefit. By connecting project development expertise and funding with renewable energy projects we form the bridge between the projects, the off-takers and the investors.

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What We Do

IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. have two main business areas. Initially they were identified back in 2005 while working in the European renewable energy market. As one could expect similar conditions applies to the US renewable energy market, which has been verified during extensive market research...

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December 21 2015

Crescent Peak Development LLC ("CPD")

an IOWN Renewable Energy Inc ("IOWN") controlled company, signs an agreement to sell two wind power development project companies to Eolus North America Inc ("Eolus N.A").

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What we do

IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. have two main business areas. Initially they were identified back in 2005 while working in the European renewable energy market. As one could expect similar conditions applies to the US renewable energy market, which has been verified during extensive market research.

Worldwide, the market for renewables have matured tremendously over the last 10 years. Today, any successful renewable energy project need to be of the same framework, quality and as risk-reduced as any other large scale industrial project in order to attract the often substantial investment needed.

Our team have for a significant number of years seen the requirements increase among investors based on the raised level of maturity in the market. For us these circumstances create two business areas.

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Transaction Services

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Project Development

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Transaction services

A final investor or energy off-taker have certain needs and hurdles to overcome in order to be willing to invest in, or commit to, a certain project. It is crucial to understand factors and circumstances vital for each investor.

Far reaching arrangements between the developer and the investor is needed in order to successfully sell or arrange financing to any project. In order to close the gap and make a transaction happen one must know both the project developer side and the investor side, and in what zone they are comfortable together.

This deep understanding within our company makes it possible for us to supply services between these two parties.

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IOWN Project Development

IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. develops renewable energy projects from immaturity to feasibility.

This means a project is risk reduced in such way that it is reasonable for IOWN or an external investor to engage with substantial investment in order to eventually construct and operate the facility. IOWN invest time and development capital into three specific renewable areas:

  • Wind
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage (Hydro and Battery)

The invested development capital, depending on project and total capital need etc., is used to develop the projects to reach the status: Permitted - Technical Optimized - Financial Optimized - Ready to Construct and Packaged for Investor.

We develop not only by us wholly owned renewable energy projects. We also like to act as partner or co-investor alongside local developers we can complement.

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Our goal & vision

It is all quite simple.

Our vision is ambitious and we are ambitious people. It all makes sense.

We are on our way to establish a large high quality project portfolio of wind, solar and storage projects together with key people in our industry.

IOWN will by this care for our children, and the children of others, to have the possibility to live in a vibrant green and sustainable society.

That is our vision.

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Our current investments includes the following partially or wholly owned companies

ZCF Wind wall image
ZCF Wind Wall, LLC

A holding company to a wind power producer, currently operating an approx. 36 MW large vintage facility in Tehachapi, California. The company also owns the main parcels of the land the windfarm is situated on, two substations and holds transmission rights to Vincent substation in the outskirts of LA basin. The company is investigating the feasibility in a repower with up to 80 MW of new capacity on the site.

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IOWN Project Maintenance, LLC

A company performing service and maintenance, operation and asset management to operating wind farms. We are fortunate to work with a very talented team and the company is located in Tehachapi, California.

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Crescent Peak Development, LLC

A company with a development services agreement with Eolus North America, Inc ("Eolus") to develop two proposed wind farms in Nevada, with a capacity of up to 600 MW. The transaction also includes a profit sharing mechanism. Crescent Peak Development, LLC sold all equity to Eolus in March 2016. Going forward the projects will be funded by Eolus and developed in a collaboration between Eolus and CPD, utilizing a team that have been developing projects in the Western US since the mid-1980s.


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